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Fusion of modern design and athletic performance: our Mesh Athletic Shoes. With a sleek, low-rise silhouette and engineered for professional-level stability, they're set to up your game on any hard court.

Outsole Material: Non-slip rubber for steadfast traction, ready to tackle long use.
Upper Material: Breathable mesh ensures your feet stay cool, dry, and comfortable during any activity.

Performance Features:
Breathability: Airy mesh fabric keeps feet feeling fresh.
Functionality: Stability-focused to support swift and sudden movements.
Professional Design: Crafted for the pros but perfect for every athlete.
Court Compatibility: Built for the hard court but versatile for all terrains.
Advanced Technology: Incorporates DMX tech for responsive cushioning.
Insole Comfort: EVA material provides a plush, supportive step.
Build Quality: Rigorous QC ensures only the best shoes are shipped out.

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