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Deodorized Memory Foam Insoles

Deodorized Memory Foam Insoles

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High-quality, shock-absorbent EVA foot pads, designed to bring comfort and performance to every step. Perfect for athletes and active individuals, these insoles provide the protection and support needed to enjoy sports while caring for your feet. The dynamic combination of memory foam and moisture-wicking materials ensures a dry and comfortable shoe environment.

Material: Durable and supportive EVA for long-lasting use.
Elastic: Exceptionally shock-absorbent to reduce impact on joints.
Unisex Design: Made for all, with a versatile grey and yellow color scheme.
Dual Sizes: Catering to sizes 35-40 (22.5-25 cm / 8.86-9.84 inches) and 41-45 (25.5-27.5 cm / 10.04-10.83 inches), providing a tailored fit for a range of shoe sizes.
Ventilation: Open particle design for superior airflow, keeping your feet fresh.
Versatile: Ideal for various outdoor sports and activities, providing massaging comfort with every move.

Package Contents: Includes 1 pair of Foot pads for a complete set.
Customizable Fit: Can be cut to the perfect size to match your needs and shoe interior.

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