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Engineered for the dedicated player, these shoes blend high-performance features with comfort to enhance your moves. With a focus on stability and endurance, they are designed to withstand the quick lateral movements and the intensity of a rigorous pickleball match. Here's how they stand out:

Athletic Shoe Type: Tailored for pickleball, ensuring quick court responsiveness.
Outsole Material: Durable rubber for exceptional court grip and longevity.
Upper Material: faux leather for a flexible yet sturdy upper construction.

Key Features:
- Breathable: Keeps your feet cool during long matches.
- Waterproof: Ready for any weather, keeping your feet dry.
- Function: Stability for powerful movements and quick pivots.
- Endurance: Built to remain comfortable over long games, supporting the endurance pickleball demands.
- Insole Material: PU with an EVA lining for cushion and support.

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