Shoe Size Guide

It's essential to be aware that each shoe brand follows its own sizing standards. While sizes across different brands might appear similar, a shoe that fits well in one brand may not necessarily fit the same in another brand.

The best way to shop for shoes online is to first measure your feet and then use those measurements to find your size on the brand's size chart. This reduces the likelihood of having to return the shoes and ensures you can enjoy your new footwear without delay.

Measure your feet in 4 easy steps:

1. Prepare a pen or a pencil, a piece of paper and a ruler.

Pen Paper Ruler
2. Place your bare foot on a piece of paper and draw a line at the heel's end and another at the tip of your longest toe. Use the other side of the paper to measure the other foot. For greater accuracy, it's best to do this while standing. If necessary, seek assistance from someone else.
Measure foot
3. Measure the distance from the heel line to the toe line on the paper for each foot using a ruler. Record the longer measurement of the two feet and add 1/2 an inch (For example: if your foot length is 10" use 10.5" for the next step).
Foot Length 
4. Refer to the BIGLIG's size chart below to determine your correct shoe size (*Inches is your measured foot length):
Men's shoe size chart1
Men's shoe size chart2